What does breach of the peace mean?

breach of the peace meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. any act which disturbs the public and even someone. It may include almost any criminal act causing worry or trying intimidation, such as for instance showing a pistol or yelling inappropriately.

breach of the peace meaning in Law Dictionary

violation of community tranquillity and purchase. The offense of breaking or disturbing the public peace by any riotous, forcible, or unlawful proceeding. 4 Bl. Comm. 142. ct scq.; Folks v. Bartz, 53 Mich. 493, 19 X. W. 161; State v. White, 18 R. I. 473, 28 Atl. 968; People v. Wallace. 85 App. Div. 170, 83 N. Y. Supp. 130; Scougale v. nice, 124 Mich. 311, 82 N. W. 1061. A constructive breach of comfort is an unlawful act which, though wanting the weather of actual physical violence or problems for any person, is however inconsistent with tiie peaceable and organized conduct of society. Types of misdemeanors come within basic designation, including sending difficulties to battle, going armed in public places without lawful explanation plus in a threatening way, etc. An apprehended breach of the serenity is brought on by the conduct of a guy whom threatens another with physical violence or physical injury, or whom goes about in public places with dangerous and unusual tools in a threatening or alarming way, or whom publishes an aggravated libel upon another, etc.

breach of the peace meaning in General Dictionary

any work of molesting, interrupting, limiting, agitating, or stimulating from circumstances of repose or elsewhere depriving inhabitants for the peace and quiet that these are generally entitled

Sentence Examples with the word breach of the peace

Already in ZEthelberht's legislation we find characteristic fines inflicted for breach of the peace of householders of different ranks - the ceorl, the eorl, and the king himself appearing as the most exalted among them.

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