What does brawny mean?

brawny meaning in General Dictionary

Having big strong muscle tissue muscular fleshy powerful

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  • (of one) possessing real power and fat; rugged and effective
  • Having large, strong muscle tissue; muscular; fleshy; powerful.

brawny meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "characterized by muscle tissue," from brawn + -y (2).

brawny meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having huge, powerful muscles; muscular; fleshy; strong.

Sentence Examples with the word brawny

Dropping his harpoon, the brawny savage caught him in his arms, and by an almost miraculous dexterity and strength, sent him high up bodily into the air; then slightly tapping his stern in mid-somerset, the fellow landed with bursting lungs upon his feet, while Queequeg, turning his back upon him, lighted his tomahawk pipe and passed it to me for a puff.

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