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To hijack a brand by presuming yourself as representing a brandname title, it really is items, figures, trademarks. Occurs when you purchases an article of garments of a particular brand whilst knowing that a buddy of theirs is focused on buying garments from that brand.Conditions:- Said friend needs to be considered a good/best buddy- stated buddy must possess a minimum of 10 articles of clothing from said brand name- Said brand name must have a significant majority over other brands inside friend's closet- Brand-jacking cannot connect with jeans,hats,shoes and accessoriesException:- stated friend says it's cool. Where he/she then approves associated with the article of garments from stated brand which you need to buy- some other person purchases it for you personally, being unsure of of your best friend and his/her commitment for this brand name. This must after that cause an apology to said buddy