What does braise mean?

braise meaning in General Dictionary

To stew or broil in a covered kettle or pan

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  • Charcoal powder breeze
  • A European marine seafood Pagrus vulgaris allied toward American scup the becker title may also be put on the relevant types
  • cook in fluid
  • Alt. of Braize
  • To stew or broil in a covered kettle or pan.

braise meaning in Urban Dictionary

to put your companion, or rape victim, into a bath, after that cover them in chicken stock, and rodger them until they flavour the stock. after that you can kill all of them, or savagely defeat them (until they bleed)

braise meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1797, from French braiser "to stew" (17c.), from braise "live coals," from Old French brese "embers" (12c.), fundamentally from western Germanic *brasa (as is Italian bragia, Spanish brasa), from PIE *bhre- "burn, temperature" (see brawn). Associated: Braised; braising.

braise meaning in Cooking Dictionary

To prepare in a tiny bit of fluid (also referred to as stewing or pot roasting), as opposed to becoming submerged in fluid, as in boiling/poaching. Braising frequently concentrates the meals's taste inside surrounding fluid for the intended purpose of making a sauce or layer.

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  • To cook animal meat or chicken slowly in a covered utensil in handful of fluid or vapor. (Meat may or might not be browned in a small amount of fat before braising.)
  • A cooking technique where animal meat is browned in oil or fat after which prepared (tightly covered) extremely slowly in fluid. Braising tenderizes and enhances the flavor of meat.
  • to get ready meals by browning, after that preparing slowly in handful of liquid inside coven or in a covered cooking pan regarding the kitchen stove top.

braise - German to English

braising liquid

braise - French to English

stay embers {pl}

braise meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Braize

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  • (v. t.) To stew or broil in a covered kettle or cooking pan.