What does brahmanism mean?

brahmanism meaning in General Dictionary

The faith or system of doctrines associated with the Brahmans the faith of Brahma

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  • the religious and personal system of orthodox Hinduism
  • the religious beliefs of old India as prescribed inside sacred Vedas and Brahmanas and Upanishads
  • Alt. of Brahminism

brahmanism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The prevalent as a type of philosophical, theological, and ethical conjecture of Asia, sponsored because of the Brahman caste which traces its doctrines back once again to the Vedas (q.v.) and Upanishads (q.v.) without previously having reached uniformity in regards to the primary doctrines. -- K.F.L.

brahmanism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Brahminism

Sentence Examples with the word brahmanism

Before the year 300 B.C. two powerful monarchies had thus begun to act upon the Brahmanism of northern India, from the east and from the west.

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