What does braggart mean?

braggart meaning in General Dictionary


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  • A boaster
  • exhibiting self-importance
  • a rather boastful and talkative person
  • A boaster.
  • Boastful.

braggart meaning in Urban Dictionary

(letter.) A person who is at risk of braggadocio

braggart meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from French bragard (16c.), with pejorative ending (see -ard) + Middle French braguer "to flaunt, boast," possibly initially "to demonstrate down clothes, specially breeches," from brague "breeches" (see bracket). There could be an element of codpiece-flaunting in every this. Your message in English has-been at the very least affected by brag (v.), even in the event, as some claim, its unrelated to it. Bragger "arrogant or boastful person," representative noun from brag (v.), attested in English from belated 14c.

braggart meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i.) A boaster.

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  • (a.) Boastful.

Sentence Examples with the word braggart

Of English plays, the interlude called Jack Juggler (between 1547 and 1553) was based on the Amphitruo, and the lost play called the Historie of Error (acted in 1577) was probably based on the Menae-chmi; Nicholas Udall's Ralph Royster Doyster, the first English comedy (acted before 1551, first printed 1566), is founded on the Miles gloriosus; Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors (about 1591) is an adaptation of the Menaechmi; and his Falstaff may be regarded as an idealized reproduction or development of the braggart soldier of Plautus and Terence - a type of character which reappears in other forms not only in English literature (e.g.

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