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To horde office products for the satisfaction or amusement as you are tightwadded, dust farting, old goat. This verb, created by the Hall of Fame soccer player Terry Bradshaw, describes here 12 action procedure:1) Find a naughty woman.2) Get wasted.3) Discover a gathering.4) Lease a hotel area.5) Invite the viewers while the slutty lady into resort room.6) Ask the slut to own sex with you in front of the market. 7) Make the naughty girl signal appropriate waivers before proceeding.8) Strip the naughty woman.8) Lube up the whore's ass & watch this lady get horny.9) Take out your boner. 10) Drive your boner up her ass in one single fell swoop.11) Pull your boner out and slap her ass.12) Go toward the door and state, "You just got Bradshawed!"