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the only real destination u'll encounter so many slappers in one building. and tht building may be the snob skewl bradford woman's grammar skewl.wooo!!it consist of gay pervert teachers, slappers, bitches,townies, goths, punks and some individuals who do not need a title. the slappers would be the women who'll do w/e on a primary time, the bitches think they rule but actually they simply block off the road!! and pull. the bitches are also posh snobs who believe recalling daddy's credit card quantity gets them into Uni!! townies go on bursary's within skewl and play the role of everything ther not. the goths are most likely the smartist men and women in this skewl nevertheless they have actually many opponents, mostly chavs wanting to kill them.punks just make an effort to live without gettin killed.! thats generally why ther is just a little numbr of them left. the othr people don't have any such thing worth writin about. Don't evr send ur children here they will be emotionally scarrd 4 life and will cum on with an addiction to intercourse, booze and medications!! oh and they'll take all ya money