What does bracken mean?

bracken meaning in General Dictionary

a braking system or fern

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  • huge coarse fern usually a few feet large; essentially weed ferns; cosmopolitan
  • fern of southeastern Asia; not sturdy in cold temperate areas
  • A brake or fern.

bracken meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"coarse fern," early 14c., a northern The united kingdomt word from a Scandinavian resource (compare Danish bregne, Swedish br

bracken - German to English

brackes [also: Brackes] [scenthound type]

bracken meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A brake or fern.

Sentence Examples with the word bracken

The practice is confined to poorer types of land, such as heaths covered with furze and bracken or fens and clay areas smothered with rank grasses and sedges.

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