What does brachyura mean?

brachyura meaning in General Dictionary

several decapod Crustacea such as the common crabs characterized by a small and short abdomen which will be bent up under the huge cephalo thorax Also spelt Brachyoura See Crab and example in Appendix

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  • an order of crustaceans (including real crabs) having a lowered stomach folded against the ventral surface
  • a small grouping of decapod Crustacea, like the typical crabs, described as a tiny and short stomach, which will be curved up under the big cephalo-thorax. [Also spelt Brachyoura.] See Crab, and Example in Appendix.

Sentence Examples with the word brachyura

This is seen, for example, in the Brachyura among the Decapoda.

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