What does brachycephalic mean?

brachycephalic meaning in General Dictionary

Having the skull quick equal in porportion to its breadth shortheaded in difference from dolichocephalic

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  • having a short broad head with a cephalic list of over 80
  • a grownup with a brief wide mind
  • Alt. of Brachycephalous

brachycephalic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

An animal with a wide mind, brief in stature.

brachycephalic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Brachycephalous

Sentence Examples with the word brachycephalic

During prehistoric times the basin of the Vistula seems to have been inhabited by a dolichocephalic race, different from the brachycephalic Poles of the present day; but from the dawn of history Slays (Poles), intermingled to some extent with Lithuanians, have to be found on the plains of the Vistula and the Warta.

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