What does brachiopod mean?

brachiopod meaning in General Dictionary

one of many Brachiopoda or its shell

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  • of or from the phylum Brachiopoda
  • marine pet with bivalve layer having a pair of hands bearing tentacles for taking food; discovered worldwide
  • among the Brachiopoda, or its layer.

brachiopod meaning in Etymology Dictionary

kind of bivalve mollusk, 1836, contemporary Latin, from Greek brakhion "arm" (see brachio-) + pous "foot" (see base (n.)). They usually have very long spiral "arms" on either side of these mouths.

brachiopod meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Among the Brachiopoda, or its shell.

Sentence Examples with the word brachiopod

Xliv.) has classified with appropriate names the various stages through which Brachiopod larvae pass.

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