What does bracelet mean?

bracelet meaning in General Dictionary

An ornamental band or band when it comes to wrist or perhaps the arm today an ornament encircling the wrist worn by females or women

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  • jewellery used all over wrist for design
  • a band of cloth or leather-based or steel backlinks mounted on a wristwatch and covered round the wrist
  • An ornamental musical organization or ring, for the wrist or perhaps the arm; inu000du000a contemporary times, a decoration encircling the wrist, donned by ladies or girls.
  • an item of protective armor the arm.

bracelet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Old French bracelet (14c.), diminutive of bracel, from Latin bracchiale "armlet," from bracchium "an arm, a forearm" (see support (n.)).

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bracelet meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An ornamental musical organization or band, the wrist or even the supply; in our contemporary world, an ornament encircling the wrist, worn by females or girls.

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  • (letter.) A bit of defensive armor for the supply.

Sentence Examples with the word bracelet

She pushed herself away from the doorframe and retreated to her room, only to find the prisoner's bracelet didn't work.

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