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1. shortform of brazil or brazilian2. in web video gaming:i)Brazilian: A respectable and knowledgeable on the web gamer whom comes from the Southern United states nation of Brazil. ii)Br: A dumbass online gamer just who additionally hails from Brazil it is ignorant of guidelines and disrespectful of other gamers. Utilizes his / her not enough familiarity with the English language to try and pull off breaking rulesiii) can be utilized as a deregatory term to fellow online gamers that are showing acts of stupidity BR: initials that represent "Brazillian".They talk portugese and appear to state 'Puta' a fair amout. They even steal your kills when playing an online online game, ask you for zeny, then elope saying these are generally gonna report you.They speak awful english, and say NUB! and "I r n0+ nub" lots. There is one concept of this term, this is certainly "Dumbass." Anytime any person calls you a br, be offended. 1. Abbreviation associated with the word Brazil, or Brazilian. In online video games, usually placed at the conclusion of players usernames and guilds to denote their home nation.2a Racial slur used to explain individuals from Brazil in web game titles. BRs in many cases are despised because of the big population of them that rehearse killstealing, spamming, begging for buffs and plvls and carrying on in their own language on Fullshout or any other product that will transfer messages throughout the entire "world".2b. Additionally familiar with describe people that do not understand the English language really or partake inside aformentioned activities.3. Acronym of the words "created Retarded". Infrequently utilized. On Tibia, what those bloody Brazilians ask before they derail into jibberish and nonsensicle babble. From the mmorpg of Tibia, the trade mark of brazilians, and there made-up language, that they constatnly babble, then at random times say "hahahahahahaha"this ordinarily starts with a simple "BR?"and on occasion comes to an end with an arbitrary insult Acronym for Born Retarded. Be very careful approaching these painful and sensitive things, they are able to come to be extremely hostile, often within free internet games.