What does bps mean?

bps meaning in General Dictionary

(computer system science) the rate where information is moved (as by a modem)

bps meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Stands for "Bits Per 2nd." Bps is a regular solution to determine information transfer prices, eg system connection and Internet grab speeds. During the early times of the online world, information transfer rates had been calculated in bps. As net connection speeds enhanced, a variation of bps – Kbps (1,000 bps) – became more prevalent. Today, online connections speeds in many cases are assessed in Mbps (1,000,000 bps). Some communities support speeds over 1,000 Mbps and are measured in Gbps. It is vital to abbreviate bits per second as "bps" (with a lowercase "b"). The lowercase "b" signifies bits versus bytes. Since a byte is eight bits, 100 Bps is equivalent to 800 bps. Variants of Bps, such as for example megabytes per second or gigabytes per second are usually abbreviated with a slash, such as for instance MB/s or GB/s. These dimensions are generally always determine transfer speeds of interior elements, particularly HDDs and SSDs.