What does boysenberry mean?

boysenberry meaning in General Dictionary

a cultivated crossbreed bramble of California having huge dark wine-red fruit with a raspberrylike taste

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  • cultivated hybrid bramble of California having big dark wine-red fresh fruit with a flavor resembling raspberries
  • large raspberry-flavored fresh fruit; cross between blackberries and raspberries

boysenberry meaning in Urban Dictionary

(verb) The blowing entirely on someone's penis resulting in a tickling sensation for other person and tends to make a 'farting/buzzing' sound, or vibrating feel.

boysenberry meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1935, developed early 1900s by California botanist Rudolf Boysen (1895-1950) and known as for him.

boysenberry meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A hybrid of blackberries and raspberries that includes a purple-red shade and a tart-sweet flavor.