What does boyar mean?

boyar meaning in General Dictionary

an associate of a Russian aristocratic purchase abolished by Peter the fantastic In addition certainly one of a privileged class in Roumania

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  • Alt. of Boyard

boyar meaning in Urban Dictionary

noun - had been a part associated with greatest rank regarding the feudal Bulgarian, Romanian, and Russian aristocracy, second only to the ruling princes, from tenth century through 17th century.As well, represented as a kick-ass melee/missle cavalry unit functional inside Medieval Total War games whenever playing as (mainly) the Russian faction.

boyar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

member of a Russian aristocratic class (abolished by Peter the fantastic), 1590s, from Russian boyarin, maybe from boji "challenge," or from Slavic root *bol- "great."

boyar meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Boyard

Sentence Examples with the word boyar

When the Boyar Duma became the Senate, and the Prikazi or administrative departments were organized under the name of Colleges, and when every important town was endowed with a Rathhaus, a Polizeimeister, gilds, aldermen, and all the municipal paraphernalia of western Europe, the vices of the old institutions survived in the new.

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