What does boy's high dance mean?

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A dance which can be open to any 12 months nine or ten students (year nines tend to be senior school freshmen) at all-girl schools in Christchurch, and year nine or ten female students at St Andrew's university (STAC) and any for 12 months nines and ten Christchurch Boy's High pupils. The passes for these are particularly extremely sought after because this is just about the biggest meeting-place for prospective boyfriends/girlfriends. Because of the temperature in the gym in which they've been held, women put on very little clothes, but dudes are able to put on jeans and hoodies and never overheat. Crazy. The dances tend to be extremely sexually recharged occasions, with all of the participants having really low requirements of privacy and/or health- cannot go near some of the wall space, and constantly put on clothes. Other large schools hold all of them however they're not quite as great. NB- The year 11, 12 and 13 (year 13 may be the this past year before university) 'supervisors' think absolutely nothing of hooking up with an innocent year nines. Be mindful.