What does boxer mean?

boxer meaning in General Dictionary

a breed of canine

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  • person who packs cardboard boxes
  • one that boxes a pugilist
  • a workman utilized to pack things into bins
  • a person who battles together with his fists for recreation
  • an associate of a nationalistic Chinese key community that led an unsuccessful rebellion in 1900 against foreign passions in Asia
  • a breed of stocky medium sized short-haired dog with a brindled layer and square-jawed muzzle created in Germany
  • person who packs bins.
  • a person who boxes; a pugilist.

boxer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"fighter," late 15c., representative noun from package (v.2). Title of breed of canine (1934), is from German (the breed originated from Germany), it self obtained from English boxer "fighter;" the dog so named for its pugnaciousness. Boxer short pants (1943) so called from their particular resemblance to your attire used in the band.

boxer - German to English


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  • pugilist [dated or hum.]
  • pug [coll.] [boxer]
  • Terme Boxer [Boxer of Quirinal]
  • boxer [dog]
  • pugilists [dated or hum.]
  • pugs [coll.] [boxers]

boxer - French to English

boxer (dog)

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  • to field

boxer meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that packs cardboard boxes.

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  • (n.) One that boxes; a pugilist.

Sentence Examples with the word boxer

In spite of interruption caused by the Boxer outbreak, through communication was established in 1901.

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