What does box transformer mean?

box transformer meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. A transforming robot that's not well known in just about any Transformers franchise it is infamous round the Web. His alternate mode is a cardboard box. Their gun is a cardboard handgun. It is unidentified to which faction he belongs but the Box Transformer blends in completely in alleys, ghettos, warehouses and any other questionable places. The Box Transformer can easy ambush underpaid workers or hobos and in most cases is based on waiting until these types of opportunity arises. This transformer's one weakness is stray creatures with full bladders.2. Bull crap gif online in which a man makes a cardboard fit and crouches down facing a garage door, making a convincing box while crouched. The cartoon is looped so that it appears like a consistent "change" with a midi regarding the Transformers motif song.3. The sole competitor to Solid serpent in terms of hiding in cardboard boxes.