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See Bowl a ball a-game

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  • a bowling game played on an amount lawn with biased wooden balls being rolled at a jack
  • See Bowl, a ball, a casino game.

bowls meaning in Etymology Dictionary

game played with balls, mid-15c. (implied in bowlyn), from gerund of bowl "wooden baseball" (early 15c.), from Old French bole (13c., contemporary French boule) "ball," eventually from Latin bulla "bubble, knob, circular thing" (see bull (n.2)). Noon apprentice ... [shall] play ... during the Tenys, Closshe, Dise, Cardes, Bowles nor any unlawfull online game. [Act 11, Henry VII, 1495]

bowls meaning in Sports Dictionary

Bowls is played by either two people or two teams with up to four people each. One point is scored by positioning the dish as near to the jack as you are able to. The winning group or player may be the anyone to have accumulated the absolute most things or concludes during a game. (recreation: Bowls)

bowls - German to English

bowls {pl} [treated as sg.]

Sentence Examples with the word bowls

In theory the game of bowls is very simple, the aim of the player being to roll his bowl so as to cause it to rest nearer to the jack than his opponent's, or to protect a well-placed bowl, or to dislodge a better bowl than his own.

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