What does bowler mean?

bowler meaning in General Dictionary

A derby cap

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  • one that plays at bowls or just who rolls the basketball in cricket or any other online game
  • a new player who rolls balls down an alley at pins
  • a cricketer just who delivers the ball on batsman in cricket
  • a sensed hat which round and hard with a slim brim
  • One who plays at bowls, or which rolls the basketball in cricket or every other game.

bowler meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"hard circular cap," 1861, considered from a J. Bowler, 19c. London cap manufacturer. A John Bowler of Surrey, hat manufacturer, was active from the 1820s to the 1840s, and a William Bowler, hat-manufacturer, of Southwark Bridge path, Surrey, desired a patent in 1854 for "improvements in caps alongside covers for mind." But possibly the word is probably from dish (letter.); compare Old English heafodbolla "brainpan, head." The first usages tend to be with a lower-case b-.

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  • "player at bowls," c.1500.

bowler meaning in Sports Dictionary

the ball player inside non-batting side who works around the wicket to supply the basketball toward batsman. (recreation: Cricket)

bowler - German to English

bowler [cricket]

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  • bowler

bowler meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who plays at bowls, or whom rolls the ball in cricket or just about any other game.

Sentence Examples with the word bowler

The jack or kitty, as the white earthenware ball to which the bowler bowls is called, is round and 21 to 21 in.

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