What does boutique mean?

boutique meaning in Law Dictionary

n INVESTMENT BANK that focuses primarily on a specific part of company, such as BUSINESS FINANCE, LEVERAGED BUYOUTS, or MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS. Boutiques usually do not provide complete range of financial investment banking services (age.g., TRADING, financial investment management, brand new issue UNDERWRITING), but may cooperate with fullservice corporations in order to provide consumers appropriate accessibility.

boutique meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"fashion shop," 1953, early in the day "small shop of any sort" (1767), from French boutique (14c.), from Old Proven

boutique meaning in Business Dictionary

reasonably small company providing you with a restricted number of (usually) really specific items or services, usually at advanced rates. A boutique advertising agency, including, can offer either creative work or general market trends solutions yet not both.

boutique meaning in General Dictionary

a store that sells women's garments and jewelry

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Sentence Examples with the word boutique

Ethel was not attractive in spite of spending more money in the beauty salon and boutique than Dean's entire salary.

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