What does bourse mean?

bourse meaning in General Dictionary

An exchange or place where merchants bankers etc meet for business at specific hours esp the Stock Exchange of Paris

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  • the stock-exchange in Paris
  • An exchange, or location where merchants, bankers, etc., meet for company at specific hours; esp., the Stock Exchange of Paris.

bourse meaning in Urban Dictionary

The first usa stock exchange, situated in Philadelphia, PA. It is currently a food judge and a good spot to get Pocky.

bourse meaning in Finance Dictionary

A French or continental European stock exchange.

bourse meaning in Law Dictionary

This is merely a stock change in French language.

bourse meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"stock exchange," 1570s, burse, from Old French borse "money bag, purse" (12c.), from Medieval Latin bursa "a bag" (see bag (letter.)). French spelling and contemporary feeling of "exchange for merchants" is very first taped 1845, from name of Paris stock market. The definition of originated because in 13c. Bruges the hallmark of a purse (or three purses), hung regarding front side of the home in which merchants found.

bourse meaning in Business Dictionary

French term for a stock change, used through the continental Europe.

bourse - French to English

pouch [(money) bag]

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  • scholarship
  • stock exchange

bourse meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An exchange, or spot in which merchants, bankers, etc., fulfill for company at specific hours; esp., the stock-exchange of Paris.

Sentence Examples with the word bourse

By the end of 1901 the price of Italian stock on the Paris Bourse had, however, risen to par or thereabouts.

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