What does bourgeoisie mean?

bourgeoisie meaning in General Dictionary

The French middle class specially including are worried in or influenced by trade

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  • the personal class between the reduced and upper classes
  • The French middle-income group, particularly like are worried in, or determined by, trade.

bourgeoisie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1707, "body of freemen in a French city; the French middle-income group," from French bourgeois, from Old French burgeis, borjois (12c.) "city dweller" (since distinct from "peasant"), from borc "city, town," from Frankish *burg "town" (see borough). Communist usage for "the capitalist course generally" attested from 1886.

bourgeoisie - German to English

bourgeoisie [also pej.]

bourgeoisie meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Fr.) With its rigid feeling in the theory of historical materialism (q.v.) the course of urban, commercial, financial, production and shipping business owners which, at the close of the middle ages had been strong enough, by virtue of its demand of building technics, to challenge the economic power associated with the predominantly outlying and agricultural (manorial) feudal nobility, and also to supplant the latter in point of economic and personal leadership. -- J.M.S.

bourgeoisie meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The French middle-class, particularly eg are involved in, or influenced by, trade.

Sentence Examples with the word bourgeoisie

There were some thirty-seven cours de bourgeoisie (several of the fiefs having more than one), each of which was under the presidency of a vicomte, while all were independent of the court of burgesses at Jerusalem.

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