What does bouncing mean?

bouncing meaning in General Dictionary

Stout plump and healthy lusty buxom

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  • marked by lively activity
  • vigorously healthy
  • rebounding from an effect (or group of impacts)
  • of Bounce
  • Stout; plump and healthier; lusty; buxom.
  • Excessive; big.

bouncing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"vigorous, big," 1570s, current participle adjective from jump (v.).

bouncing meaning in Sports Dictionary

A player can operate aided by the ball, but he must jump the basketball or touch it on the ground as soon as every 11yd. (recreation: Australian procedures Football)

bouncing meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bounce

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  • (a.) Stout; plump and healthy; lusty; buxom.
  • (a.) Excessive; huge.

Sentence Examples with the word bouncing

Her grip tightened on the phone involuntarily and it shot out of her wet hand, bouncing once on the ledge before plunging over the bluff.

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