What does bouncer mean?

bouncer meaning in General Dictionary

One who bounces a big hefty one who tends to make much sound in going

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  • someone whoever responsibility is always to put troublemakers regarding a club or community meeting
  • one that bounces; a large, heavy one who makes much sound in moving.
  • A boaster; a bully.
  • a striking lie; also, a liar.
  • anything huge; good stout example of the type.

bouncer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-19c. in a variety of sensory faculties, noun by-product of jump (v.) with its original sense of "thump, hit." Earliest attested is "boaster, bully, braggart" (1833); additionally "large exemplory case of its kind" (1842); "enforcer of order in a bar or saloon" (1865, United states English, initially colloquial). "The Bouncer" is simply the English "chucker out". When freedom verges on permit and gaiety on wanton delirium, the Bouncer chooses the gayest associated with the homosexual, and -- bounces him! ["London regular News," July 26, 1883]

bouncer meaning in Sports Dictionary

A delivery this is certainly short and quickly, and flies up toward the batsman's mind. If the basketball bounces way too high, then umpire calls a broad. (recreation: Cricket)

bouncer meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who bounces; a sizable, heavy person who tends to make much sound in moving.

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  • (n.) A boaster; a bully.
  • (n.) A bold lie; in addition, a liar.
  • (letter.) One thing huge; a stout exemplory case of the sort.

Sentence Examples with the word bouncer

He sat on a boulder near the entrance, as if he were the bouncer trying to prevent someone like her from exiting.

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