What does bouillon mean?

bouillon meaning in General Dictionary

a nutritionally beneficial fluid food produced by boiling beef or any other animal meat in water a definite soup or broth

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  • a definite seasoned broth
  • A nutritious fluid meals produced by boiling beef, or any other meat, in liquid; an obvious soup or broth.
  • An excrescence on a horse's frush or frog.

bouillon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French bouillon (11c.), noun using past participle of bouillir "to boil," from Old French bolir (see boil (v.)).

bouillon meaning in Cooking Dictionary

paid down animal meat stock

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  • a definite, seasoned soup typically created from beef or chicken, veggies and seasonings; additionally acquired by dissolving a bouillon cube or envelope in boiling water.

bouillon - German to English


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  • broth
  • stock

bouillon - French to English

chicken broth

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  • bubble
  • broth

bouillon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A nutritious fluid food made by boiling meat, or any other beef, in liquid; a definite soup or broth.

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  • (letter.) An excrescence on a horse's frush or frog.

Sentence Examples with the word bouillon

In the case of the tetanus and diphtheria bacilli, the production of soluble toxins can be readily demonstrated by filtering a culture in bouillon germ-free by means of a porcelain filter, and then injecting some of the filtrate into an animal.

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