What does bough mean?

bough meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English bog "shoulder, supply," longer in Old English to "twig, part" (compare limb (n.1)), from Proto-Germanic *bogaz (cognates: Old Norse bogr "shoulder," Old large German buog, German Bug "shoulder, hock, joint"), from PIE *bhagus "elbow, forearm" (cognates: Sanskrit bahus "arm," Armenian bazuk, Greek pakhys "forearm"). The "limb of a tree" feeling is unusual to English.

bough meaning in General Dictionary

some of the bigger branches of a tree

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  • An arm or part of a tree, esp. a big arm or primary branch.
  • A gallows.

bough meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An arm or branch of a tree, esp. a large arm or primary part.

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  • (n.) A gallows.

Sentence Examples with the word bough

For instances in the lower culture see Frazer, Golden Bough (2), i.

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