What does bottleneck mean?

bottleneck meaning in General Dictionary

to become narrower as you draws near a spot said of roadways because right by the bridge the street bottlenecks

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  • identical to obstruct as their laziness features bottlenecked our attempts to reform the system
  • an area or situation where otherwise fast development is hampered
  • decrease or hinder by creating an obstruction
  • become slim, like a bottleneck
  • a narrowing that decreases the flow through a channel
  • the thin element of a bottle nearby the top

bottleneck meaning in Law Dictionary

The throat or mouth of a bottle or a spot of congestion or obstruction, particularly.

bottleneck meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition bttle-neck, "narrow entry, area where traffic becomes congested," 1896; from container (n.) + neck (n.). Meaning "anything which obstructs a flow" is from 1922; the verb inside sense is from 1928.

bottleneck meaning in Sports Dictionary

a narrow part of the trail where the surface cannot leave much room for over one skier. (recreation: Skiing)

bottleneck meaning in Business Dictionary

division, center, machine, or resource currently working at its complete capacity and which, consequently, cannot deal with any additional need positioned on it. Also called crucial resource, a bottleneck restricts the throughput of associated resources.

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