What does bottlebin mean?

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bottlbin may be the work of inserting your limb into a crevice of a human human body in a non-sexual manner, including the arm gap, ear, or the knee pit.A bottlebin on supply is bottlebin with its purest most untainted form and it is regarded with respect and dignity.The opposite of a bottlebin is a chikubin, the work which one clamps an individual's give the breast of a target and gropes in a non-sexual manner.The Treaty of bottlebin1. Thou-shalt-not bottlebin without reason.2. Thou art bottlebinned.3. Thou shalt always keep the name of bottlebin revered and sanctioned upon thy lips4. Thou shall bottlebineth with courage and valor5. The Gourd is my bottlebin6. Thou shall honor the bottlebin above all paperbins, otherbins, and extra trash case bins7. If thou art been bested by a bottlebin thou shalt admit bottlebinular defeat8. Dare to bottlebinYou may reuse containers in a bottlebin.