What does bother mean?

bother meaning in General Dictionary

one that or whatever bothers state of perplexity or annoyance shame worry disturbance petty trouble as to take a bother

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  • To feel treatment or anxiety in order to make or take trouble is troublesome
  • To annoy to trouble to fret to perplex See Pother
  • resulting in trouble or vexation to
  • intrude or enter uninvited
  • make the trouble doing something; issue oneself
  • make stressed or agitated
  • make confused or perplexed or puzzled
  • an upset disruption
  • cause irritation in; disturb, specifically by small problems
  • something or some one which causes trouble; a source of unhappiness
  • To annoy; to difficulty; to stress; to perplex. See Pother.
  • To feel treatment or anxiety; which will make or take trouble; become troublesome.
  • One who, or that which, bothers; condition of perplexity or annoyance; shame; be concerned; disruption; petty trouble; as, to-be in a bother.

bother meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1718, most likely from Anglo-Irish pother, because its very first use ended up being by Irish article authors Sheridan, Swift, Sterne. Perhaps from Irish bodhairim "I deafen." Relevant: Bothered; bothering. As a noun from 1803.

bother meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i.) To feel care or anxiety; which will make or take trouble; is problematic.

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  • (n.) One that, or whatever, bothers; state of perplexity or annoyance; embarrassment; fret; disruption; petty trouble; since, to stay a bother.

Sentence Examples with the word bother

Dean didn't bother to mention certain rules of evidence that looked askance at pilfered items.

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