What does botany mean?

botany meaning in General Dictionary

The technology which treats of construction of plants the features of the parts their locations of growth their category additionally the terms which are used in their particular information and denomination See Plant

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  • all of the plant life in a particular area or period
  • the branch of biology that scientific studies flowers
  • The technology which treats associated with the framework of flowers, the features of the parts, their locations of development, their particular classification, and also the terms that are used in their particular description and denomination. See Plant.
  • A book which treats of the technology of botany.

botany meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from botanic. The -y is from astronomy, etc. Botany Bay so-called by Capt. Cook because of the great selection of flowers found here.

botany meaning in General Dictionary

(a. & letter.) A novel which treats associated with research of botany.

Sentence Examples with the word botany

For a berry), a term in botany applied to such fruits as the blackberry or raspberry, composed of small seedlike berries, and also to those berries themselves, or to grapestones.

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