What does botanic mean?

botanic meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to botany relating to the research of flowers as a botanical system arrangement textbook expedition

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  • of or associated with plants or botany
  • Alt. of Botanical

botanic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French botanique (17c.) or right from Medieval Latin botanicus, from Greek botanikos "of herbs," from botane "a plant, lawn, pasture, fodder." The Greek words seemingly have much more to do with pasturage than flowers; compare related botamia "pastures, meadows," boter "herdsman," boton "grazing beast."

botanic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Botanical

Sentence Examples with the word botanic

He was learned in the science of botany, and formed a magnificent collection and a botanic garden at Luton Hoo, where Robert Adam built for him a splendid residence.

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