What does bose mean?

bose meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"to look for for hollows underground by ramming the ground and observing the vibrations," 1929, in the end from Scottish term manager "hollow, empty" (1510s), early in the day a noun meaning "tiny cask, wine flask" (belated 14c.).

bose meaning in General Dictionary

Indian physicist who with Albert Einstein proposed statistical rules on the basis of the indistinguishability of particles; generated the description of fundamental particles that later on had become known as bosons

bose - German to English


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  • bad [wicked, hostile]
  • crossly
  • diabolic
  • evil
  • sinister
  • vicious
  • sinful
  • upset [at, about]
  • indignant
  • malevolent [power, force]
  • suggest
  • tough
  • villainous
  • nasty [very bad, unpleasant]
  • bold [Irish] [esp. of a child] [naughty]
  • freaky
  • mix [annoyed]

Sentence Examples with the word bose

Matthiessen and Bose obtained large crystals of the alloy Au 2 Sn 5, having the colour of tin, which changed to a bronze tint by oxidation.

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