What does borscht mean?

borscht meaning in General Dictionary

a Russian soup often containing beet juice as a foundation and often served with bad cream Also as utilized in the US a sour cabbage soup called in Russian shchi

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  • a Russian or Polish soup frequently containing beet liquid as a foundation

borscht meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1884, from Russian borshch "cow parsnip," that has been an authentic dish ingredient. Borscht gear "region of predominantly Jewish hotels in and around the Catskill Mountains of the latest York" (also known as the Yiddish Alps) is through 1938.

borscht meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an abundant soup from Eastern Europe containing beets or cabbage. Other components can include potatoes, beans, animal meat or sausage. The most effective understood among these soups is a cold version considering beets and served with bad ointment, but hot variations are extremely typical.