What does borrower mean?

borrower meaning in General Dictionary

One who borrows

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  • an individual who gets something regarding promise to return it or its equivalent
  • person who borrows.

borrower meaning in Law Dictionary

make reference to borrow, lender or loan. When materials or solutions are employing resources on credit. This could be materials or solutions.

borrower meaning in Business Dictionary

a person, company or organization that's making use of funds, materials or solutions on credit. See also borrow, lender, loan.

borrower meaning in Loan Terminology Glossary

 An eligible person as specified in an executed Certification of Eligibility, prepared by the appropriate campus representative, who will be primarily responsible for the repayment of a Program loan.

borrower meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One that borrows.

Sentence Examples with the word borrower

Although in general there is no limit on the amount of interest which a borrower may agree to pay, equity has always been ready to grant relief from unconscionable bargains.

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