What does boredom mean?

boredom meaning in General Dictionary

hawaii to be bored or pestered circumstances of ennui

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  • the experience to be annoyed by one thing tiresome
  • The state to be bored stiff, or pestered; a state of ennui.
  • The realm of bores; bores, collectively.

boredom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"state of being bored," 1852, from bore (v.1) + -dom. It also has been employed in a sense "bores as a class" (1883) and "practice of being a bore" (1864, a sense properly belonging to boreism, 1833).

boredom meaning in Body Language Dictionary

An emotional condition whereby someone shows disinterest within the tasks or even the men and women around all of them.  Monotony is suggested by fidgeting, tapping the fingers or toes, showing up to have no emotion regarding the face, supporting the head-on the hand and tilting against wall space, tables, slouching backwards, letting the eyes wonder, gazing to the distance, sighing heavily, yawning, crossing and recrossing the legs and arms, fiddling with pencils, eyeglasses or reports, doodling, pointing the human body away from the presenter, shifting the weight, moving the pinnacle from side to side, rolling the eyes, stretching and picking at the nails.

boredom meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The state to be annoyed, or pestered; circumstances of ennui.

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  • (letter.) The world of bores; bores, collectively.

Sentence Examples with the word boredom

Holding aloof from active affairs, he tried to relieve the incurable boredom of satiety in.

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