What does bop mean?

bop meaning in General Dictionary

an early on kind of modern jazz originating around 1940

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  • party the bebop
  • struck hard
  • regulations enforcement company of this Justice Department that works a nationwide system of prisons and detention facilities to incarcerate inmates sentenced to imprisonment for national crimes
  • an early on as a type of contemporary jazz (originating around 1940)

bop meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1948, shortening of bebop or rebop; as a verb, "play bop songs, play (a song) in a bop design," from 1948. It quickly came to imply "do any type of party to pop music" (1956). Associated: Bopped; bopping. The musical movement had unique lingo, that has been in fashion in U.S. early 1950s. "Life" mag [Sept. 29, 1952] detailed examples of bop talk: crazy "new, wonderful, extremely exciting;" gone (adj.) "the tops--superlative of crazy;" cool (adj.) "tasty, pretty;" goof "to blow an incorrect note or make an error;" hipster "modern type of hepcat;" dig "to understand, appreciate the subtleties of;" stoned "drunk, captivated, ecstatic, sent out of the world;" flip (v.) "to respond enthusiastically." [Life Sept. 29, 1952]

Sentence Examples with the word bop

Sorry to bop in so late.

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