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BOOZITY, (ˈbʊz i tee)noun1. Physicsa. The all-natural difference of old-fashioned gravitational power that tits encounter during activity; as opposed to the force of attraction exerted by a celestial human body, such world, upon items at or near its area, tending to draw all of them toward the middle of the body.Tittybong, the wonderful activity due to Boozity, this is certainly exacerbated by working, running, jumping and/or the fitment of an inappropriate (size or purpose) assistance garment.BOOZITY stays constant at earths surface, variants to Tittybong are triggered by motion, support effectiveness, amount and/or specific breast's power to Tittybong.Note: you will see dramatic variations to Tittybong set off by aesthetic variations to natures gifts.Exaggerated displays of Tittybong can be always entice naive, often less smart, mates by crafty exponents.