What does booty-to-booty mean?

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it's kinda that it seems like, booty-to-booty, it is the same as ass-to-ass, butt-to-butt etc...whenever two ladies with huge butts, put their particular booties together, like massaging, slamming, thumping, pressing thier booties together in "booty-to-booty" positions.Their is lots of jobs: sitting on a another booty booty-to-booty, standing back-to-back booty-to-booty, both bending over and standing booty-to-booty, both upon their knees adn backin' their booties together booty-to-booty.It's all about fantasy, having fun.Some women love doing this together and having some booty-to-booty contact, it might in addition becoming competitive and like researching their particular booties, it really is bein known as a "booty fight".