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- A sucka, a ignorant mothafucka- One of them reveal boatin' large sidin' need to get some attention type niggaz - That ol' nigga that got every person in town thinkin' he sittin' nice on at the very least 20's, but he ain't movin nothin but 10's- Dey b laughing and smiling, enjoying and hugging a brother grinning, then dey change and chat behind the back next min- Sum1 which aint got game bootsee is someone who flaunts themself and showcases almost all their cash and informs all of their tales which may not play modest and may get himself in big trouble utilizing the feds by tslking as to what they are doing. bootsee may show-off and extremely cant straight back themselves up someone might also pretend become bootsee but still that's a stupid game relocate to play . bootsee is bobo and a sucker