What does bootless mean?

bootless meaning in General Dictionary

Unavailing unprofitable ineffective without advantage or success

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  • unproductive of success
  • Unavailing; unprofitable; ineffective; without benefit or success.

bootless meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late Old English botleas "unpardonable, not to ever be atoned for, without assistance or cure," from boot (n.2) + -less. Meaning "useless, unprofitable" is from very early 15c.

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  • "lacking shoes," belated 14c., from boot (n.1) + -less.

bootless meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Unavailing; unprofitable; useless; without advantage or success.

Sentence Examples with the word bootless

In the autumn of 1864 Sterling Price led a brilliant but rather bootless Confederate raid across the state, along the Missouri River, and was only forced to retreat southward by defeat at Westport (Kansas City).

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