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Found primarily in wooded or outlying places, the group of kids at a party (usually male, nevertheless the occasional female may also be included) who will be wearing boots, even though surface at celebration area doesn't require such. These partygoers generally arrive in one or more trucks, flaunt camouflage or outdoor associated clothes, carhardt brand name jackets, and dirty worn-out blue jeans. These people are generally speaking unwelcome for the most part functions due to the noisy yelping appears they exude, the lame conversation thy produce (about trucks, shopping, firearms, tires, etc), and a lot of of most their dislike of marijuana, because it is a "drug" and consuming an entire case of beer is more preferable than ingesting a drug in their mind. They're often the kids just who select fights for no reason at all, spit on the floor (from chewing snuff), and make enjoyable of partygoers who're dressed in "city guy" garments. a red nostrils pitbull who's badass and cool