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an instrument used by shoplifters. Usually a shoebox with one side of it cut right out, and lined with tin-foil. The lacking part is held contrary to the human anatomy and products tend to be crammed to the box and then walked from the store. The tin-foil is used so the anti theft unit don't collection of any security methods on route away. Usually tested by putting a cellphone in the package and wanting to call it. In the event that phone doesn't ring, then it's usuable. If it will, the one solution is to use even more tinfoil.On a side note, you will end up arrested if within posession of just one of these, even although you are not within the act of shoplifting. a field filled with Booster Packs, any place in quantity from 20 to 40, and this can be bought in order to avoid paying a heavy advanced when purchasing packs separately. Usually purchased by really serious gamers needing cards for booster drafts or sealed deck practice.