What does booster mean?

booster meaning in General Dictionary

An instrument for managing the electro motive power in an alternating current circuit so called due to the fact familiar with ldquoboostrdquo or raise the stress in the circuit

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  • an individual who backs a politician or a team etc.
  • a thief whom steals items that are in a shop
  • somebody who is a dynamic supporter and advocate
  • an amp for rebuilding the strength of a transmitted sign
  • the first phase of a multistage rocket
  • one more dosage that produces yes the first dose was effective

booster meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1890, "one just who boosts" one thing, broker noun from boost (v.). Electrical sense is taped from 1894. Child's booster seat is attested under that name from 1960.

booster - German to English

booster (rocket) [auxiliary rocket]

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  • booster