What does boost mean?

boost meaning in General Dictionary

A push from behind as to a person who is endeavoring to rise help

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  • To carry or push from behind one that is trying to rise to push up for this reason to help in conquering obstacles or perhaps in making development
  • donate to the progress or development of
  • push or shove upward, just as if from below or behind
  • enhance
  • increase or raise
  • give a boost to; be beneficial to
  • the act of offering a push
  • a rise in price
  • the act of providing hope or assistance to somebody
  • To raise or push from behind (a person who is trying to climb); to push-up; hence, to aid in beating hurdles, or in making advancement.
  • A push from at the rear of, concerning a person who is trying to climb; help.

boost meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1815, literal and figurative, American English, of as yet not known source. Associated: Boosted; improving. As a noun by 1825.

boost meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i.) To raise or press from behind (one that is trying to rise); to push up; hence, to aid in conquering obstacles, or in making development.

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  • (n.) A push from at the rear of, as to one who is endeavoring to rise; help.

Sentence Examples with the word boost

Some treat them with a pinch of salt, seeing the stories as typical press hyperbole to boost sales.

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