What does boomph mean?

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CB radio term. To smash a CB puppet outta the box. Whenever puppets and child radios tend to be jumpin' up-and-down on freuqency like no one's company, you simply gotta drop the maul on 'em, presuming you are a monstah place. This is certainly called boomphing. This shuts 'em up. Here is how to take action:Let's say a puppet is jumpin' down and up in your receive. You will be tryin' to say top o' the fine to a distant radio place available to you on 40 station MHz musical organization. But this puppet scratchin' bullshit singer is makin' all types o' noise on the band. Being a monstah place, you crush receives of all of the sorts. Which means you simply key up, pump up the volume with a little bit o' modugotz, wind up the audio motorists, man, and drop the maul regarding skwakin' puppet that is usin' a baby radio. BOOOMMMPPPPHH! And he's gone!