What does bookmark mean?

bookmark meaning in General Dictionary

Something placed in a book to steer finding a specific page or passage additionally a label in a book to designate the owner a bookplate

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  • a marker (an item of report or ribbon) put between the pages of a book to mark the reader's spot
  • anything put in a novel to guide to locate a particular web page or passageway; in addition, a label in a novel to designate the owner; a bookplate.

bookmark meaning in Marketing Dictionary

a web link stored in a Web browser for future research.

bookmark meaning in Law Dictionary

1. a feature on the net web browser that lets a person see a website they visited prior to. A saved link is employed. AKA favorites. 2. Inserting a placeholder to go back to a point without scrolling through the whole document.

bookmark meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also book-mark, 1840, from book (n.) + mark (n.1). Bookmarker is older (1838). As a verb, by 1900. Relevant: Bookmarked; bookmarking.

bookmark meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Browser feature enabling a user to go back to a formerly visited website by simply clicking the saved website link - without retyping your website's target. Called additionally preferences. 2. Feature of some programs which allows insertion of a placeholder to re-access a specific place or point without scrolling through the whole document.

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bookmark meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A bookmark is a saved shortcut that directs your web browser to a particular website. It shops the subject, URL, and favicon of matching page. Preserving bookmarks lets you quickly access your preferred locations on the net. All significant browsers enable you to produce bookmarks, though each web browser provides a slightly different way of handling all of them. As an example, Chrome and Firefox show your bookmarks in an open window, while Safari displays all of them in an inventory inside sidebar associated with the browser screen. Internet Explorer uses the name "Favorites" to refer to bookmarks, and like Safari, it shows your favorites in a listing within the web browser screen sidebar. To generate a bookmark, merely go to the page you want to bookmark and select Add Bookmark or Bookmark this site through the Bookmarks menu. In Internet Explorer, you'll click the star icon to start the preferences sidebar and then click Add to Favorites to include the present web page towards bookmarks. The website title will appear within bookmarks record along with the web site's favicon if offered. As the number of bookmarks develops, you'll develop files to prepare your bookmarks into different categories. It really is useful to bookmark usually checked out internet sites and of good use sources since you don't have to recall the URLs. Furthermore, you can easily just click the bookmarks rather than typing when you look at the complete websites. Some browsers even show your bookmarked pages in autocomplete drop down selection as you key in the target bar. This enables that go to bookmarked pages without starting the bookmarks screen or sidebar within internet browser. NOTE: A bookmark just stores the positioning of a website, perhaps not shop the articles of website itself. For that reason, whenever you open a previously saved bookmark, the items of web page could have altered considering that the final time you viewed it.

bookmark meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One thing put into a novel to steer to find a certain web page or passage; in addition, a label in a book to designate the dog owner; a bookplate.