What does booklet mean?

booklet meaning in General Dictionary

slightly guide

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  • a tiny guide often having a paper cover
  • only a little book.

booklet meaning in Urban Dictionary

another name for facebook

booklet meaning in Law Dictionary

book this is certainly bound with less than 20 pages. Refer to brochure.

booklet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1859, from book (n.) + diminutive closing -let.

booklet meaning in Business Dictionary

Bound book, frequently having lower than 20 pages. Unbound but fastened booklet (with or without a cover) is normally known as a 'pamphlet.' See additionally pamphlet.

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booklet meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A little book.

Sentence Examples with the word booklet

And lii., are still regarded in their present form as non-Jeremianic. The question which next awaits decision is whether any part of the booklet on foreign nations (xxv., xlvi.-li.) can safely be regarded as Jeremianic. Giesebrecht still asserts theenuineness of xxv.

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